Mini Windjammers

Slip-on fur covers for camera microphones, portable recorders, and mic foams.

Rycote’s exclusive fur technology designed for your specific device – for the best possible wind protection when capturing audio outdoors.

Mini Windjammers

Rycote Mini Windjammers are easy-to-fit, slip-on fur covers that provide excellent wind protection. Designed use with camera microphones, portable recorders and mic foams, Mini Windjammers provide outstanding protection in applications such as outside broadcast and documentary film.
Originally developed by Rycote, the Windjammer is a high-quality, synthetic fur-cover that provides excellent protection against extreme wind-noise. Made from materials specially designed for wind-noise isolation, the Windjammer has virtually no adverse effect on high-frequency.

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Camera Mini Windjammers

Professional wind isolation technology for camera microphones.

Portable Recorder Solutions

Capture the best possible audio in any application.

Foam / Windjammers for Mics

High-quality foam engineered exclusively for Rycote and Foam / Windjammer combos.

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