Pencil Microphones

Compact condenser microphones that provide premium performance with a common tonal quality for seamless mixing and matching

Building on top of the HC microphones’ low self-noise capsule and preamp design, Rycote has added a range of compact pencil condenser microphones to its portfolio. These microphones offer supercardioid, cardioid and omnidirectional polar patterns which provide a similar tonal quality across Rycote’s entire range of microphones. These three microphones are available as individual mics or matched stereo pairs (to within 0.5dB).  

Introducing The New

SC-08 Microphone

Cardioid Microphone 

CA-08 SP
Cardioid Stereo Pair 

SC-08 Microphone

Supercardioid Microphone 

SC-08 SP
Supercardioid Stereo Pair 

OM-08 Omnidirectional Microphone

Omnidirectional Microphone 

OM-08 SP
Omnidirectional Stereo Pair 

Three Polar Patterns.
Six Combinations.
One Sonic Signature. 


The CA-08, SC-08 and OM-08 are all built using the same capsule and preamp design as the Rycote HC Shotgun Microphones. This gives each of these mics a similarly low self-noise for their polar patterns, but more importantly, a tonal and sonic signature that makes them cut together seamlessly. 

Like the HC microphones, the pencil microphones all have back electret condenser capsules and a machined brass preamp. They also have gold plated Nuetrik XLR connectors and are designed to be resistant to RF interference.

All of our microphones are designed in-house and are made at Rycote in our factory in the U.K. Over the past years Rycote has continued to invest in manufacturing and testing for all of our audio products. We have added clean room and antistatic environments to our facilities to further our mic manufacturing capabilities.


Microphone box opening and closing

What’s in the Box?

 Each of the microphones comes with a customer Rycote mic clip and 5cm foam included inside the box. 

Microphone box with mic, clip and foam

Pencil Microphones Available
In Matched Stereo Pairs
To Within 0.5dB 

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