BBG Windshield

Wind attenuation properties of a full windshield in a small package.

Designed to slip onto the body of the microphone, the BBG Windshield allows the microphone to be hand-held or shock-mounted with a Lyre suspension.

BBG Windshield

Perfect for short microphones, the BBG Windshield is suitable for low-profile boom applications as well as for use in hand-held operations and interviews. Designed to accommodate not only cylindrical microphones, it also accommodates microphones with bulbous windscreens where the maximum head diameter is 80 mm. The BBG Windshield is also an excellent solution for ORTF applications.

Constructed of the same material as the full-size Modular windshields, the BBG Windshield is designed to slip directly onto the microphone, and secured by a grommet that grips the microphone body. It can be separated into two halves to accommodate ball-head and tapered body microphones.

BBG Windjammer

The BBG Windjammer is the perfect addition to BBG Windshield for the highest possible protection against extreme wind noise. This high-quality, synthetic fur-cover originally developed by Rycote provides up to 50 dB of wind-noise attenuation producing excellent audio recordings. Made from materials specially designed for wind-noise isolation, the Windjammer has virtually no adverse effect on high frequencies.


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Country of origin | All components designed, manufactured & assembled in Stroud, United Kingdom.

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