Micro Windjammer

Versatile wind protection for built-in microphones on HDSLR, handheld camcorders, mobile telephones and tablets.

Rycote provides wind protection for your portable video devices too!


In a very short time, HD video cameras have gotten smaller and less expensive. Yet the need to protect your camera’s audio from wind hasn’t changed. That’s why Rycote has developed the Micro Windjammer – to provide you portable camera’s audio with excellent wind protection.

The Micro Windjammer provides excellent wind isolation for HDSLR cameras that are commonly used outdoors for corporate video, reality TV, and documentary film. It’s also a perfect outdoor complement for handheld camcorders and integrated HD video cameras within mobile telephones and tablets, which are often used to generate content for video sharing websites, blogs and social media.

Product information

wdt_ID Micro Windjammer Product No. Description
1 Single Pack 065546 Single pack of 30 Stickies and 6 re-usable grey fur covers
2 25 Pack 065547 Box of 25 Single Packs
Country of origin | All components designed, manufactured & assembled in Stroud, United Kingdom.

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