Mic Boom Poles


Extend with precision

Perfectly balanced for precision in the field. This range of premium carbon fibre boom poles have been designed with and for professional boom pole operators.

Light. Balanced. Rapid.


Fast and Secure Locks

The superior twist-locks adopted from tripod technology ensures rapid extension and collapse of the boom pole. With only a quarter turn the locks can be opened and locked. The knurled finish ensures better grip.

Silent operation

Specifically designed tube connections, precision machining and sound dampening nylon bushes.

Precision & Balanced

Premium quality high modulus (HM) carbon fibre tubes that are incredibly strong and lightweight, minimising flex when at maximum extension. Unique anti-rotation tube sections avoids unwanted movement of mic.

Boom Pole Features


Removable rubberised base to allow easy internal cabling to be retrofitted. 

100% high modulus Carbon fibre tubes. Larger tube diameters help to achieve superior levels of stiffness and rigidity even when fully extended, while maintaining lightness and balance.. Unique anti-rotation tube sections avoid unwanted movement of mic.

Extending and collapsing of the boom pole couldn’t be quicker with the specially designed knurled aluminium twist-locks.

3/8” male BSW thread with Hytrel® washer for a tighter and more secure connection. Easily removal to allow for internal cabling.

Distinctive ‘steel blue’ finish to quickly identify sound specific (out-of-the-box) connections across the Rycote range.

Boom Pole Range



Mic Boom Small

wdt_ID ‎RYC190001 Dimensions Weight Payload
1 Extended/Collapsed 200 cm / 57 cm 0.48 kg 5 kg
2 Extended/Collapsed 78.7 in / 22.4 in 1.03 lbs 11 lbs


Mic Boom Medium

wdt_ID RYC190002 Dimensions Weight Payload
1 Extended/Collapsed 330 cm / 83 cm 0.65 kg 5 kg
2 Extended/Collapsed 129.9 in / 32.7 in 1.43 lbs 11 lbs


Mic Boom Large

wdt_ID RYC190003 Dimensions Weight Payload
1 Extended/Collapsed 420 cm / 100 cm 0.78 kg 5 kg
2 Extended/Collapsed 165.3 in / 39.3 in 1.72 lbs 11 lbs

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